Friday, May 3, 2013

Media, Mental Health and Gun Violence in America

After all the recent gun violence in America, the mainstream media has been flooded with speculation and hype. Each commentator has had their chance to voice their opinions and 70% of the population is in favor of bolstering background checks for persons wishing to purchase firearms. I, too, believe there should be tighter control over who can get their hands on guns, but I also believe this is somewhat like leaping before looking. Before you can fix something properly, especially a constitutionally guaranteed right, you must thoroughly examine what’s wrong. In my eyes, we have not done that.
The Second Amendment to The Constitution says our right to bear arms should not be infringed upon in order to maintain a well armed and regulated militia. That’s not word for word, but I think you get the point. The intended purpose of this amendment was to insure that the citizens of this newly formed nation would be able to defend themselves from, and overthrow a tyrannical government. What most people in the America we live in today don’t realize is that the Constitution was written at a time when civilians and the military had access to the exact same firearms technology. The reality of this matter is that our rights under the Second Amendment have been stripped to the bone already, and those of us who would take it upon ourselves to defend our freedoms or overthrow tyranny are sorely under armed, making that task virtually impossible. Let’s face it, you don’t see any M-1 Abrams tanks parked in driveways, or surface-to-air missile systems mounted on the roofs of the homes in your cull-de sacs! This is one of the reasons the pro gun advocates are screaming so loudly against any further infringement upon the Second Amendment, and I totally agree, adding my voice to the din. But more gun control is not the answer to the rise in gun violence in America today, changing our culture of violence and the way we deal with mental illness is.
If you look up the statistics, you will find that there are thousands of deaths each year in the U.S. and the news media drills this into our collective conciseness every day. What they don’t tell us is that a very large number of those deaths are actually suicides. Now, while this fact doesn’t diminish the seriousness of this issue, it does lead me to the point I’m trying to make here.
Here in the United States, we live in a society that is constantly bombarded with images of gun violence on T.V., in the Movies and in literature. By the time our children reach puberty, they have been subjected to hundreds of thousands of these images in movies, T.V. programming and even in the comic books they read. With less and less parental supervision, due to both parents having to work to survive, it’s inevitable that a fair number of kids these days grow up thinking that problems and conflicts are best and easily solved if you have a gun. When you add to this that kids these days are not made to suffer any real, attitude adjusting ramifications for doing bad things, we have created a whole generation of young people who are disrespectful of any kind of authority, and believe they will not be held accountable for their actions in any uncomfortable way. Sending a child to his/her room today is like sending them sociopath school. They all have T.V.s, computers and violent video games in their rooms! The upward swing in violence started when people stopped spanking children about 20 years ago, and it grows worse every year. Spare the rod, spoil the child. When I was young and did something really inappropriate I go my ass spanked for it and I never did it again. We are animals and respond to two stimuli, pleasure and pain. If you do something good you get praised, if you do something bad you get punished. Being sent to your room to watch T.V. and play video games is not punishment. If we want to change the future we need to start actually disciplining our children. And please don’t start up with me against corporal punishment for children, spanking is not violence. It worked for thousands of years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
Now, for what I think is the major cause for the rise of gun violence in America today. Bolstering background checks for gun sales won’t work if we can’t keep them out of the hands of the criminals and the insane. And we can’t do that if we don’t know who they are.
There has been a steady increase in funds available for building and staffing jails and prisons over the last couple of decades so we have a pretty good idea who the criminals are. But there has been a steady decline in funding for building and staffing hospitals and facilities to deal with the mentally ill. There about 300million people in the United States. As of 2005, there were 17 mental health beds available per 100,000 citizens. The recommended number of beds available for the mentally ill should be 50 beds per 100,000 citizens. This is why we can’t stop the crazies from shooting up movie theaters……..we don’t know who or where they are!!! We need a lot more attention to mental illness than we are currently willing to provide. It’s like the truth about the events of 9/11, people refuse to face the ugly facts, or just deny the problem exists.
I think everyone would agree that one has to be crazy to commit homicide or suicide, yet we ignore the obvious. We need to address the fact that if we keep putting the mentally ill in prison all we are doing is creating better educated crazy criminals. If we would start spending the necessary funds on diagnosing mental illness before it becomes dangerous we could potentially avoid more of these heinous school and theater shootings. And if we put people who commit murder into mental institutions instead of prisons they would receive quantifiable rehabilitation insuring that if the ever get discharged it will because they got treatment and became functioning members of society, not just because they sat on their asses and did their time!!
For more on the shortage of Mental health beds in America click on this link

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Election 2012

This is just a short note to get some shit off my chest about this upcoming election, or should I say ‘selection’?
This is without a doubt the most crooked, one-sided, bought-and-paid-for piece of mass brainwashing I have ever seen. The mainstream media has been telling the American public who will be running for President since way before any conventions were held, or any hats were even thrown into the ring. Not only have they told you that Mitt(what kind of name is that?) Romney is your only choice other than Obama, they have all but told you which guy to vote for. And you morons will listen to them and fuck up another chance to impliment any real change. The corporate owned and operated mainstream media fails to remind Americans that there are more than two political parties in this country, and each of them has a candidate in this race. I don’t know exactly how many parties ther are, but it’s around 6-8, and some of them have some pretty good ideas. Perhaps we owe it to ourselves, and our future generations to start taking a closer look at them, huh?
Look, the simple fact is that we are never, I repeat, NEVER going to see any real change in this nation until we grow some fucking balls, and start choosing our leaders from a different group of people. These clowns the media prances in front of you endlessly on TV are all born politicians from super wealthy families, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about you or me. They represent the top 1% of America, and their corporate sponsors, or should I say ‘owners’? The thing is, the other 99% of us have a way to take our country back from these rich bastards. It’s called the vote!
Now, I don’t want to hear any of this ” I don’t want to waste my vote on some little guy!” bullshit. That’s what it is, total bullshit! Even if we don’t win the election, if enough of us cast our votes for someone other than who the corporatocrisy tells us to vote for, it will send a powerful message! When enough of us vote for a candidate that actually does represent the majority of Americans instead of the media’s choice, even if that man or woman doesn’t win, it will inspire more Americans to get involved in this electoral process. Right now, the vast majority of adults in the U.S. don’t vote because they believe their vote doesn’t count. They are so sadly mistaken. And their complacency i the biggest reason America is floundering.
In this election I see the most dangerous group of people that could ever be put in charge, the G.O.P. and their women-hating followers, gaining ground based on so many lies about the Left and Obama that even FoxNews is shocked!! When the biggest liars in mainstream media call you a liar, you are really telling some whoppers! listen, if the Rethuglicans are allowed to take the White House we will be in real trouble. Remember, these people vowed to block any of Obama’s attempts to fix this country, whether they were good for Americans or not!!! They are so rascist and evil that they are willing to let this once great and free nation fail, rather than have a black man succeed!! And let’s not even talk about their hatred for women! This current speciec of Republicans is the most evil, vitriolic and dangerous group of Americans I have ever seen. Even worse than the Bush boys, and that’s saying something because about 70% of awake Americans believe they were heavily involved in planning and executing 9/11, and the patriarch of the family, Prescott Bush was convicted of aiding the Nazis along with his pal, Rockerfeller. Not the sort of people I want in charge of my America!
Bottom line, vote!!! And vote your conscience, your heart, your brains, whatever it takes to vote for someone other than Obama, and most definately other than Romney! Send a powerful message that we do know what’s best for America, and it ain’t someone that represents only 1% of us!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Unsolicited “Gratuities”

It has come to my attention that many of my readers would like to see a ‘donation’ widget on my blog. Well at this blogsite they consider that ‘advvertising’, and that costs. I can’t afford that, as I operate out of my own pocket, and have a budget of just under a grand($1000) per month, out of which comes all my living expenses. So, if anyone wishes to contribute to the cause, please feel free to go to Pay-Pal and contribute in my personal account with them. It’s under, and any amount large or small will absolutely be appriciated. Depending on how it goes, I may even be able to add some of the ‘improvements’ many of you have suggested! Thanks in advance, and now that I have finally re-located to a stable place, I should be getting back to posting soon…….right after I go fishing!!! p .s. the e-mail address for the Pay-Pal account is also my private e-mail in case you would like to contact me personally…you know, for verification and stuff like that…….Peace out!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Health Care For All? Gimme A Freakin’ Break!

Hey Folks, let me tell you a true story. I’m sure it’s not the only case of this, and it’s making the health insurance companies rich at the expense of the elderly, poor, and disabled.
There is a person I know who has been collecting their Social Security Disability benefits for almost 15 years. They had their Medi-Care configured so they didn’t have to pay for anything, that’s anything except a measely $2 co-pay on covered perscriptions. It took years of struggle and verification to get their medical coverage to a place they can afford, seeing as they have to live on less than $1000 per month. The Federal Government realized that on that amount of income, it is impossible to pay for health care. So it was determined by the so called “idiots” running Medi-Care that my friend was not required to pay for their insurance. The people at the government knew it was wrong to charge this person, and I’m sure lots of other low, fixed income recipients, for health insurance. So they didn’t.
Then along comes Health Care Reform. Puh-leeeze! Reform? Don’t they mean hand-out? The Federal Goveernment, in all it’s might and wisdom, decided to change things for the better and provide health care to everyone. Everyone who can afford it, is satisfied with ‘western’ medicine, and is willing to subsidize the pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, and insurance industries, that is!
What is primarily flawed with this “reform” is that our once government operated and funded Medi-Care system is now run by huge health insurance companies who really couldn’t care less about you or I, only their shareholder’s bottom line. And so, the inevitable happened. My friend’s share of cost went frrom nothing, where it should be, to a cost that made it prohibitive, and caused them to have to cancel their coverage! Imagine, trying to survive on $1000 a month, and not have health insurance. I’m not going to name names, oh hell, why not, but AARP, a company that makes it’s money supposedly helping our ‘retired’ citizens, has showed their true colors, by ignoring government guidelines and precident, and forcinig the poor, elderly, and disabled to pay for something that not even the evil villians in our disfunctional government would think of charging it’s citizens for! Such is corporate greed. This is what happens when fascism takes hold. And if there is anyone with half a brain living in the United States that believe we are not becoming a fascist state needs to pull their head out of their ass! We have the Supreme Court granting ‘personhood’ to corporations, foriegn corporations buying politicians and elections, and health insurance compsnies profiting by taking advantage of the most needy of our people.
And on top of all this nonsense, this so called ‘health care for everyone’ crap is just that, crap! If you choose to be treated hollistically, or by a practicioner of Eastern or other medical philosophies, you, my friends, are shit out of luck! I know of only one health insurance firm that covers “alternative” therapies, one. So, I ask you, how is this “health care for everyone”? This is nothing more than an clandestine giveaway to Big Pharma, Big Oil, and most of all, Big Insurance!!
These are the organizations that that control our government, who get all the consideration, who influence the vote. They are the true enemy we are fighting. It boggles my mind to think that the majority of Americans are blind to these injustices, but then I remember that, unfortunately, the majority of the American people watch corporate television, listen to corporate radio, and read corporate newspapers. Oh yeah, and they watch Fox News. So much for anything of truth getting through to those folks.
So, my friend is doing the best they can, and praying to Christ that they don’t get really sick!!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The End of Innocence, or “The Making of A Cop Killa”

People have wondered for decades just what sort of trauma it takes to make a person become a ‘cop killer’. Perhaps this video will offer some answers. I tried to load a link but was unable, so type in this url to your browser.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thugs Kill Family Dog in Front of 7yr old child!

http// Type that into your browser then hold on! Jack-booted thugs with badges shoot restrained family pets in front of their 7yr-old person while executing a MISDEMEANOR search warrant. They could have asked the subject’s wife to secure the dogs, but chose to execute them instead. BECAUSE THEY WERE BARKING!! WTF Colombia, Mo., are you gonna tolerate this???
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

9/11 Eight and 1/2 Years Later……Allah- 1, GOD-0

I once pledged to myself that I would never own a P.C., and was possessed by an unexplainable  and deep seeded fear of the damn things.  I have obviously changed my mind about owning computers, but still have that unexplainable fear. That is until yesterday. I finally figured out why I was so against having a computer.

It turns out that I was afraid of what I would learn, and how that knowledge would effect me. It didn’t take long for me to discover the previously unknown source of my fear as I was on Yahoo Answers in the political area, looking for a juicy question to get involved with, when I came across more of a statement than a question that went something like this…”Hey Neo-Cons, explain this!”, which was followed by a link to a now defunct website known as, and after clicking the link, I was taken directly to a documentary called “Take Back 9/11″ . At the time, I was one of those blinded-by-rage ‘patriots’ who would punch you in the nose if you even suggested our govt. was complicit in the events of 9/11, and before my anger had a chance to take over and make me turn the film off, I was suddenly outwardly asking myself the nagging questions that had been silently bugging me since that fateful day.  Not 20 minutes into the film I was madder than a hornet and plunged headfirst into 5 years of research that opened my eyes, and broke my heart.  Now, I live with a deep, clinical depression that stems from the knowledge that everything, I mean everything, I had been taught(brainwashed) about the United States and it’s so called democratic society was, not to put too fine a point on it, bullshit! I am the eldest son of a Marine Corp drill seargent, and very patriotic, almost by force, and finding evidence, mountains of evidence, that points to undeniable participation by militant, ultra-right members of  my own government in the planning, financing, and execution of the ‘terrorist attacks’ of 9/11/2001 is devistating!  The only way I am able to allieviate some of the pain I feel is to try to spread the truth to as many of my still blinded brothers and sisters as I can.

There has been a veritable onslaught of  information produced about 9/11, including some very interesting, if not imaginative, ideas from aliens to directed energy weapons , and holographic hoaxes. But the truth is much simpler and obvious, as was expressed by each and every newscaster that morning, to quote just one, “That looked like one of those, and we’ve all seen too much of on T.V.,  when a building needs to….controlled demolition….”, until they were told to stop saying that.  Also, almost by osmosis, there were extremely knowledgable  and disturbingly calm and collected ‘witnesses’ available to FoxNews  T.V. reporters, who told us, with uncanny certainty, just how the impact of the jetliners, combined with fires from jet fuel and office furnishings had weakened all the steel thus causing the buildings to collapse. There was the gent clad in a nearly dust-free, black t-shirt who told of barely escaping the first tower collapse with no visible signs of just having been through a traumatic experience, and there was the D.C. cabbie who shakily described almost being decapitated by one of the light poles allegedly knocked down by the approaching  Boeing 767 before it slammed into the Pentagon seconds later.  He went on to tell us that he lifted the pole out of the windshield and off the hood of his taxi all by himself.  This is an amazing story considering the man’s advanced age, and the astounding weight of an aluminium light pole. Don’t kid yourself….that much aluminium  is really heavy!  Since then, both men have been outed, the cabbie later admitting on tape that his whole adventure was a lie, a made up scene intended to do what it did….mis-inform and mis-guide the viewing public. The man in the black t-shirt from the FauxNews interview has since been found to be a proffessional actor and model.  And then last March, 2009, Steven Jones and the 1000 members of Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth  announced that scientific testing of several dust samples from all over Manhattan after 9-11 had the unmistakable chemical signature of Nano-Thermite, a high temp., fast burning explosive used in the  controlled demolition of the three WTC buildings and available only through our, that’s right, our military!  Now,  all things considered, if the last statement doesn’t inspire those of you reading this information for the first time to question the 9/11 Commission’s ridiculous and incomplete report, and the government and mainstream media’s continued cover-up of the truth, I don’t know what if anything will.  This information is valid and undeniable. This evidence can not be debunked or argued, the results of Mr. Jones scientific tests are legitemate, and remove any grounds for further debate.  Steven Jones was advised by a member of the Department of Homeland Security that if he went ahead and published his papers on the findings of his tests on the WTC dust which clearly show the presence of nano-thermite, that the “pain would be great!”.  He obviously, and bravely, didn’t heed the warning…..thankfully!

There are other reliable sources for evidence of the Bush administration’s complicity,  not withstanding, such as Norman Mineta’s ( then transportation secretary under ‘W’) testimony before the 9/11 Committiy  that he witnessed several exchanges between Dick Cheney and a young Air Force officer while in “the bunker”  that describe Cheney upholding some kind of ‘stand-down’ order in the minutes prior to the Pentagon being attacked.   Sgt. Lauro Chavez of U.S. Central Command reported the event first, then Mineta.    And there is more, lots more that most of America has not been privy to because forces that control media won’t allow you to see them.

And of course, there are serious religious and spiritual implications attached to believing the government’s whitewash of 9/11. The foremost of them is the fact that in order for Al CIAduh’s  plan to work as planned, the ‘Laws of Physics’ had to be suspended.  That would mean, of course, that the Muslim god, “Allah”  is far more intelligent and powerful than the ‘Christian’ god, or it would not be able to ‘switch off god’s “Laws of Nature”!  How else can “they” explain all the physically impossible things that had to occur for the ‘official’ story to actually work.  Things like matter falling through the path of most resistance at near free-fall speed,  the complete pulverization of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of concrete without the kinetic energy needed to do so, and last, but not least, the lateral ejection of  steel beams weighing thousands of tonnes over four hundred feet, plunging them into the roofs and facades of surrounding buildings .  Remember, God’s “Laws of Nature” and Einstein and Newton all agree that stuff falls straight down…unless acted upon by an outside force.

Another disturbing factor of this story is that several key witnesses, such as Richard Rodrieguez  and  others have mysteriously died since blowing their whistels!

The facts are that the collapses of all three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 don’t represent any kind of  fire-induced structural failure previously known to man. That encompasses over 25,000 years of human construction techniques. Instead, they exactly mimic every single aspect of controlled demolition….period.  So why the National Institute for Standards and Technology wasn’t compelled to  look for evidence of  such is all very suspicious. When one also considers the fact that in order to finally explain WTC 7′s  unprovoked failure at 5:20pm,  the traitors at N.I.S.T. actually invented their very own and completely ridiculous  law of physics called”Thermal Expansion”   It never occured to any of them that skyscrapers, often having foundations sunk to bedrock, are arguably the worlds most perfect man-made heat sinks!

Government and media forces  are hard at work here in America  to try to keep this ever growing story out of mainstream media, and are willing to kill to keep it that way.  But with hundreds of first responders  willing to testify to experiencing and hearing explosions in all three buildings prior to any aircraft striking them, that scenario is destined to fall apart very soon.  You have to wonder what these people are so afraid to let you and me see here in the good ole U.S.of A.  when eight industrial nations such as Britian, Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Russia  all allow open, honest discussion on their respective and respected state run media regarding the “Big Lie” that is the government hoax of 9/11.  Look for things to change here as outfits like the ones I list below  make themselves heard no matter how hard the evil forces try to stop it.  The thing is, that you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, and everywhere except in America that genie is big, loud, educated and out like a muthafu**er…..!

Check out these sites!

And this video of WTC#7

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Didn’t Break the System…

There is something fundamentally wrong in a society where the citecenry are made to pay for the administration’s mistakes.  But then again….maybe not.

After all, didn’t ‘we’ elect the administration? Yes, ‘we’ did. In fact, here in California ‘we’ demanded it! And now ‘we’ have a fucking full-fledged NAZI for a govenor! Have you seen his S.S. belt buckle? Or the same for the ring he wears? The man is an admitted Hitler-admirer…..and he got ‘elected’ to be the govenor of the richest state in America?  How the hell does this happen?  Sure, Grey Davis was a clown, even perhaps an idiot, but replace an idiot with a NAZI? What’s that?  He’s a Republican, not a NAZI?  Oh, I’m sorry……..but aren’t they one in the same? From the way George W. Bush(R)Tex. ran things you would think so.  What kind of person attacks his own people? There is a growing mountain of evidence that points to the Bush administration’s complicity in 9/11.   What kind of man sends the children of his nation off to fight and die in a foriegn land with absolutely no regard at all for their safety? When reminded a few days before starting the Iraq war that placing American troops on the ground there would put them directly in harms way from Iraqi soldiers, the “Draft-Dodger-in Chief” replied…”Bring ‘em on!”  Tough talk from a man too much of a coward to serve his country.  But I digress. I was talking about ‘Arnold’.  After not being able to balance the California state budget, the NAZI thought it would be a great idea to generate the capitol necessary by closing our beautiful state parks system. A plan met with more than a little opposition, so the NAZI decided to find the money elswhere, somewhere hard for the majority of Californians to notice, somewhere off the beaten path of most people. The ‘Governator’ decided to look for the funds in a place few would think to look. In the shallow pockets of the poor, where else?  At a time when the health care battle is foremost in the national spotlight, it’s rarely mentioned on a local level, so why not pillage from there?  Shwartzenigger(satire) decided to deny me and all the other disabled and poor folks of Cali on Medi-Cal vision and dental care. That’s right, the fucking NAZI took away vision and dental from those in his care who can afford it the least. The poor. The indigent. The injured, sick, homeless, downtrodden members of society that few see, and even less care about,  are made to pay for the shortcommings of a few rich, entitled elected bastards who can’t do what they were elected to do and balance the damn budget!!!  They don’t have to worry about such mundane things as dentures or glasses.  Whether to buy food, or go to the dentist so you can even chew is a fucked choice to have to make, but our state officials aren’t concerned because it doesn’t effect them.  WELL IT EFFECTS ME!  I imagine the only reason they didn’t close the state parks is because some elected clown had plans to vacation in Yosemite!  I want my medical insurance restored to the way it was. I want our leaders to take responsibility for their mistakes and not make their constituants suffer for them. Some how, some where, we put these mere elected men and women up on pedistals and made them more than what they are, and it’s time to knock the assholes off!

Do you know what the difference between France and The United States is?     In France the government fears the people!!!!  Wake up, America, the time is short to save our country.
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The 1st of December is usually a good day for me. December is my birth month so it’s my month as far as I’m concerned, and I’m crushed at the probability that it will become recognized for something much worse than my debut on the planet, if that’s possible. It looks like tonight our new(?) President is going to announce his intention to send more American children and money off to be eliminated in Afghanistan. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want another man or woman to die in than hell-hole, nor do I want any more of my tax dollars wasted on killing people(at a projected cost of 1million per soldier) over oil, when we have 40,000 Americans per year dying because govt. can’t find the money to fund health care! There is something fundamentally flawed with that line of thinking, and unless you’re part of the military-industrial complex, you get that! STOP IT you fucking idiots in congress! Not one more precious life, or one more fucking dollar wasted in the worthless Middle East!
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bush’s Last Jab

Well,on Tuesday our next president will be sworn in and the era of horror that has been the George W, Bush administration will finally be over…….maybe. There are already doubts about Barak Obama and just what kind of ‘change’ he will be bringing to the White House. The Bush/Cheney crime syndicate has gone out of their way to make Obama’s presidency as convoluted and difficult as possible.From two highly questionable and illegal wars, to whether or not to prosecute members of Bush’s team for treason and many other crimes, to the most childish and ridiculous move of the post-election booking of Blair House in order to cause as much agony as they could to the already traumatic undertaking of moving into their new home, Bushco has shown America the true depths of their depravity. Just all the governmental fiascos alone are more than any man should be asked to overcome, but moving an ex ambassador from some third world dot on the map into the Obama’s transitional housing and forcing them to live out of their suitcases in a hotel was the kind of stunt a bitter bride’s maid pulls on her best friend for marrying the man she used to date! But then again, it’s exactly the kind of prank one would expect from a man who’s idea of fun in college was hazing freshman fraternity pledges, right? After eight years of watching George Jr. blatantly and unapologetically turn America into a fascist state by assuring every decision he made benefitted only his military industrial complex handelers, I was pretty sure he had shown us how mentally unbalanced he really is, but the childish and just plain mean Blair House incident truly exposes the psycopathy this man live in. Now, as if we haven’t heard enough lies and bullshit from this bunch, for the last few days, both Bush and Cheney have been trying to gloss over their respective legasies by doing radio and TV interviews and blaming each other for all the mistakes this administration has made. I thought this was quite interesting and amusing coming from Dick “Dead Eye” Cheney, a man who ‘accidentally’ shot his so called ‘best friend’ in the face while on a bird hunting outing. Normally, his explaination wouldn’t have caused me any concern. The thing is that, like Cheney, I am from Wyoming and can tell you that every male child in Wyoming is issued his first firearm at birth, and is out hunting almost as soon as he can hold the gun, and by the time they’re Cheney’s age don’t ‘accidentally’ shoot anything! ‘Nuff said! Anyway, these two basket cases have managed to undo almost all the good work that all the prior administrations in history worked hard to complete. And now they look to walk away without so much as a stearn talking to. Or at least that’s how it looks on this last Sunday of their term.
Barak Obama will be walking into a true nightmare when he takes over on Tuesday afternoon, there’s no sugar coating that. And while most of us will be hoping he is up to the task of straightening out the financial debacle Bush’s Rethuglican administration is leaving behind, there is an issue hanging over Obama’s head that has the potential to effectively destroy his presidency before it has a chance to really get started. I’m, of course, talking about the sticky situation of whether he is going to pursue legal action against Bush, Cheney, and all their co-conspiritors for their complicity in the crimes committed by this failed administration. I won’t bore you with my opinios regarding this matter, but I will try to explain why it could become a quagmire of humongous proportions.
If Obama decides to go ahead and OK investigations and prosecution of the Bush regime, he stands to make a lot of enemies in Washington DC. CIA bigwig Hayden has already threatened Obama with a massive mutiny from his agency, and you have to believe that that sentiment extends to all intelligence agencies. Bush’s unwarranted and unconstitutional wiretapping and spying on American citizens, and the absolutely heinous use of torture on detainees of the illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have become favorite tools of our intell gathering agencies, and they say they won’t be able to convince their detainees to spill their guts if they can’t use these inhumane methods of coersion. Hayden told the President Elect that none of his agents will be willing to go out on a limb for him or take what he deemed ‘dangerous chances’ if they have to be looking over their shoulders all the time. Well, nobody’s asking them to look over their shoulders, all we’re asking them to do is not use techniques that are against international law and the Geneva Conventions when doing their jobs. Then, on the other hand, if Barak Obama folds to the Neo-Con threats, and does not hold these traitors accountable for their crimes, he will be in immediate violation of his Oath of Office and his promose in that oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foriegn and domestic, and subject to his own introduction to disciplinary action, which includes, but is not limited to, impeachment, removal from office, and prosecution for treason.
This whole situation is more complicated and confusing than it appears, and seriously has the potential to ruin his meteoric rise to power. If he chooses not to pursue what really is his only legitimate option, prosecution, not only will he show America his true colors and confirm all the rumors that he’s just another NWO puppet, he stands to hold the un-envyable position of having the shortest presidency of any man that has taken the Presidential Oath. You will recal that Al Gore holds the distinction of having the shortest term of any man elected to the office, having won the 2000 contest only to have his victory overturned by the Supreme Court and awarded to our current ruler, George W. Bush in what was an obvious travasty and theft.
In what will turn out to be an unprecidented occurance, Obama will face possibly the most decisive moment of what popular opinion makes to be a very successfull and reuniting presidency in the first few hours he is in the Oval Office. In recent interviews, Obama has been holding his cards close to his chest when asked what he intends to do about this mess, saying that while the situation requires his attention it’s his intention to look forward, not backward. The general feeling from those in the position to comment on this matter is that Obama will attempt to avoid bringing Bushco to justice, but if he is as brilliant and creative as his supporters would like to think he is, there is the hope that he has already made up his mind, and the criminals in Bush’s cabal of traitors will be staring at U.S.Marshalls with arrest warrants within seconds of Obama’s completion of his Oath of Office. I believe with the last statement I have made my feelings abundantly clear, but we will find out what our new presidents feelings are in about fourty-eight hours. After that moment we will know what the next four years, or more, have in store for our hopefull nation, and the world. Let’s all cross our collective fingers and ask the Gods to help Barak Hussein Obama come to the correct decision.  

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